We see many parents who have cared for their children their whole lives, many of whom still live at home and have little or no independent living skills and rely on their parents for 24-hour support.

As parents age, there is a real need to think about what will happen to their child/children when they pass away.

We encourage older parents of disabled adults to think about the future for themselves and their children by creating a plan of action to ensure finances, care, and housing is put into place for the benefit of their child when they are no longer able to support them.

We work with each family to create a practical plan that takes into account the wishes and desires of the disabled person and may include nominating an appointee, setting up a Trust, protecting assets, identifying a support network and finding suitable accommodation.

There is no age limit to access this project, planning way ahead is always the best option.



Alison Johnson

Email : alison.johnson@disabilitydirect.com

Tel : 01332 299449