The Blue Sky Social Care Card is brought to you by Blue Sky Brokers (BSB), a division of the Disability Syndicate.

We are a National Social Enterprise with charitable objectives ensuring every single penny in profit goes to our services which support disabled people.

This card acts as an Employee/Carer ID badge with added perks and discounts for all social care staff and their employers.

The card helps carers gain access to public spaces alongside the person they support. The added perks and discounts are a little thank you for all the hard work done by all social care workers.

Blue Sky Social Care Card is working with National and Local retailers across the UK, to ensure all social care staff are recognised for the vital role they play in the community.

You can use it anywhere that accepts forces & carers discount.

It costs £5 per year, or £15 for 3 years.

Visit the website, fill out the short application form on the ‘Apply & Buy’ section.



Email :

0333 034 1101 (opt 3)