The Access Card is designed to help disabled people quickly and discreetly communicate verified access requirements to help a provider identify what adjustments they might need to make for you

It also links into a directory that shows how 2,000+ venues across the UK and beyond can meet your needs; providing you with information about accessibility, opportunities, offers and discounts

The Access Card costs just £15 for 3 years and you can start your application here.

The list of places to use the card is increasing all the time and for the latest information, you need to head over to the Access Card Website. At the moment places in Derby like The QUAD or Derby County will accept the card and give a free ticket for a personal assistant. Further afield they work with places like Alton Towers, Glastonbury Festival, The O2 arena and West End Theatres to name a few.

The application is online here. You need to answer a few questions about your impairment/disability and how they affect you on a day-to-day basis. The focus in the decision making is very much on what support you might need from organisations when out and about You then need to upload some evidence like a copy of a DLA / PIP entitlement or Dr’s letter, a copy of photo ID, and a passport-style photo. Once that’s done you can pay securely online through PayPal either with your own PayPal account or by Debit / Credit Card.

If for any reason you aren’t able to use the online form just give CredAbility a call and let them know what format would work for you best. You can also come down to the DD office to complete an application during opening hours or just drop by to show you ID and evidence.

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