Finley’s story

At the beginning of March , I was contacted by a lady named Nicola who was looking for a work placement for her son, Finley. Nicola explained that Finley was originally thinking about a career in photography but liked what he had heard about Plot to Plate so we arranged for Finley to visit with his parents.

Once Finley had had a good look around and Chris and myself had explained how the project works, how we support people and what would be involved, he was smiling at the thought of getting involved. Finley explained to me that, as someone with autism, he really liked how quiet and peaceful the allotment was and that it helped him to feel calm & relaxed, which was a great start.

During his work experience, Finley carried out a huge range of tasks including choosing the layout & colour combinations of Primroses for the flower beds, building a natural climbing frame for the peas, sowing seedlings and potting on, making a bird box and taking some nature based photography too. But what is really nice, is what happened afterwards.

At the allotment Open Day in May, Finley came back to see us with his parents and told us that his work experience had changed what he wants to do when he leaves school. His experience of working at Plot to Plate has given him not only a love of the outdoors, but also a new found passion for planting and gardening. “He absolutely loves it”, Nicola says, adding, “He is now considering applying to Broomfield College to study agriculture or arboriculture”.

What an amazing result!

Finley worked really hard during his time with Plot to Plate, showing amazing listening skills and following instructions to complete each individual task and it was a pleasure to have him join us.

Good luck with your chosen career path Finley, we wish you all the best for the future!


Lea & Chris, Plot to Plate.